After your appointment you should have an applied piece of Second Skin and an additional piece to apply partway through the healing process. If at any point your bandage gets red around the edge of the Second Skin it may be an allergic reaction and you should remove it immediately and skip to the Dry Heal stage.

During the initial stages:

  1. Remove your Second Skin

    After 2-4 hours while in the shower remove the cover allowing the steam to loosen it. Remove it by pulling from the bottom following the hair growth like 3M contact tape. The centre will loosen and an air pocket will form - gently pull until the entire piece releases.

  2. Gently wash the tattoo

    With unscented paraben-free soap and water clean the entire area. Drug store brands like Aveeno, Cetaphile, etc are preferable.

  3. Dry the area

    Using a paper towel or lint free towel pat the area down and allow it to air dry fully. The area must be completely moisture free for the Second Skin to adhere properly.

  4. Apply the second piece of Second Skin

    Remove the white backing first to reveal the tacky part. Apply the tacky side over the tattoo with a clearance of 1” in all directions. Press it along the centre line and with the side of your palm sweep outward in both directions until the tacky side is fully attached to the skin. Afterwards removed the stiff plastic backing by releasing an edge and sweeping it flat and downwards like a vinyl application.

    Remove this piece 5-7 days after application.


Dry Heal

During the Dry Heal you you will be repeating these steps for 2-3 weeks until the area is fully healed. This may take longer or shorter depending on your immune system health.

  1. Wash and dry tattoo area

    Follow the same instructions as step 2-3 in the Second Skin section.

  2. Apply lotion

    Apply a thin layer of unscented paraben-free lotion. Drug store brands like Aveeno, Cetaphile, etc are preferable. Avoid covering the are with wrapping and clothing that will cause abrasiveness.


Things to avoid

While healing treat your tattooed area like an open wound - during the following days try to keep yourself rested, hydrated and avoid excessive activities. Additional things to avoid are:

  • Excessive amounts of ointment - you’ll want it to be dry to touch once it is applied

  • Picking, scratching, peeling, slapping, rubbing or irritating your tattoo.

  • Soak your tattoo within the first 2 weeks. This includes swimming, soaking, hot tubs, open bodies of water, etc.

  • Exposing your tattoo to sun for at the first 3 weeks - after which use sunblock and avoid direct exposure.

  • Wear abrasive materials, jewelry or shoes that rub against your tattoo

  • Other people touching your tattoo with unclean hands

  • Sharing unsanitized equipment and tools

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