During your Appointment

It’s the day of and you’ve done all your preparations and are ready now to get tattooed. Here’s what an ideal day of tattooing might look like:

  1. You get to the tattoo shop no earlier than 15 minutes allowing Anita to complete final preparations (sanitizing and setting up the station, preparing the stencil, getting a quick food/drink/washroom break before the appointment).

  2. Once you are through the door you will fill out an electronic waiver that:

    • Confirms your healthy and not exhibiting COVID symptoms

    • Of age to be tattooed

    • Consent to being tattooed

    • Consent to having your tattoo photographed and posted online

  3. With the e-waiver signed Anita will start placing and stencilling the design on your skin which might require:

    • Shaving down the area for hair baby hairs

    • Sanitizing the skin with alcohol

    • Applying Stencil Stuff to create an adherent

    • Applying the stencil to the skin with the Stencil Stuff

    • A photo/video opportunity

  4. During this period it is completely okay to ask your artist to move the stencil around - no tattooing will begin until the client is in agreement of the placement.

  5. After the stencil is applied and given an opportunity to dry (roughly 5+ min) the tattooing will begin in earnest!


As each client is different the tattooing schedule may look different for each individual but some things to note are:

  • You can stop at any time.

    Pain is not stigmatized at this shop. Every body reacts differently. Some days sessions might be easier, some days it might be harder. There are many variables that might affect your pain tolerance for the day (sleep, hunger, thirst, stress, underlying conditions etc). It is perfectly acceptable to ask to finish a session on another date if you have hit your limit for the day.

  • You can take breaks

    Whether you need to hydrate, stretch, take a smoke break, etc please feel free to ask. As long as you are mindful of the length of your appointment you can take as many breaks as you need.

  • You can ask questions

    A session can feel to go by pretty fast and a lot of information delivered during that period of time. If at any point you want something repeated or have a question about how something is done don’t hesitate to ask.

Once application is done your session will be ended with a few photos/videos and application and rundown of aftercare (either second skin or an absorbent bandage.

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