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Rainbow Puns

Rainbow Puns

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Les Bean

2 inch minimum

100 approx

  • C1 Bean

  • C2 Pea

  • C3 Sprout


Homo Milk

2 inch minimum

100 approx

  • C4 Carton

  • C5 Jar

  • C6 Bagged


Bi Nosaur

2 inch minimum

100 approx

  • C7 Brontosaurus and T-Rex

  • C8 Triceratops and Plesiosaur

  • C9 Stegosaurus and Iguanodon


En Bee

2 inch minimum

100 approx

  • C10 Cheek touch

  • C11 Side touch

  • C12 Head touch


Marzi Pan

2 inch minimum

100 approx

  • C13 Pear and Strawberry

  • C14 Tomato and Fig

  • C15 Mangosteen and Watermelon


M Ace

3 inch minimum

100 approx

  • C16 Circle Mace

  • C17 Spray Mace

  • C18 Long Mace


*limited run of 3

**can be stick and poke

**flag backgrounds are not part of design

1 session


Checkout price is for non-refundable deposit that will go towards your final total

Booking Disclaimer

There is a maximum of 1 reschedule per appointment at which point a new deposit will be required to secure a new date.

Any reschedule within send 48 hours of the appointment will require a new deposit to secure an appointment.


Cancellations will automatically forfeit deposit with no exceptions.

Changing design idea in any way that causes an appointment to be lost will lead to a forfeit of deposit including:

  • Changing content or overall design after the initial consult
  • Resizing the design in a way that costs the artist to lose appointment times upon discretion.


Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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